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Power2Drive Trade Fair Provides Information: How E-Car Drivers Can Benefit From Bidirectional Charging

Munich, Pforzheim / Germany - E-mobility is not just about driving with green electricity, the batteries of electric vehicles can also be used as intermediate storage. Bidirectional charging not only contributes to making the distribution grids more flexible and relieving their load, but e-car owners can also benefit from it.

According to a study, around 33 million battery-powered electric vehicles could be on the road in Germany by 2035. 65 percent, or 7.6 million vehicles, could support bidirectional charging by then.

Power2Drive Europe, the international trade fair for charging infrastructure and electromobility, provides an insight into the current state of the art. As part of The smarter E Europe, Europe's largest trade fair alliance for the energy industry, it will take place at Messe M√ľnchen from June 19 to 21, 2024.

The Power2Drive Europe Conference, the meeting point for the industry and a place for exchange and discussion between experts, movers and shakers and pioneers of new mobility, will begin a day earlier.

There are three use cases for bidirectional charging: storage and consumption can take place in private households (vehicle-to-home, V2H) or in companies (vehicle-to-building, V2B). With vehicle-to-grid (V2G), the electric car becomes part of the electricity system and can provide services for the distribution grid by drawing from and feeding into the grid.

Source: IWR Online, 14 May 2024